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LimeFX Forex Broker: Benefits, Features and Instruments Review

Worthy of note here is LimeFX’s regulation by the CFTC. A reliable regulator by all definitions, CFTC is sanctioned by the United States government. It’s a pleasure for us to see that you are enjoying our platform! We at LimeFx limefx aim to provide the best services to all our clients! This platform has so many integrated features that it’s hard to choose a favourite. Platinum accounts provide users with personal trading strategies based on their wishes.

  1. I tried to work with LimeFX and I am satisfied in general.
  2. Traders should be attentive because some brokers mask unprofitable spreads with low commissions.
  3. Novice traders are at an advantage here as it allows them to test their strategies and train their trading skills.
  4. LimeFX has many account types for its client base’s varying goals, ambitions, and wallets.
  5. These prices are often very different from prices seen on exchanges.

LimeFX’s Trading platform

We couldn’t find the broker’s exact address, although it is located in Russia, with its primary language also being Russian. And while that does cut off a significant portion of the possible customer base, it increases the accessibility in Russian-speaking areas. Our LimeFX review today will tell you whether the broker measures up well against its competitors. There are a lot of traders known globally. Nonetheless, a trader’s skills are the most essential tools. Many unprofessional traders point fingers, saying that a specific broker is a scammer because their analysts have given bad advice.

Deposit And Withdrawal Terms

Therefore, let us take a look at the less optimistic opinions. All orders are entered in a journal, allowing traders to analyze their past trading activities later. Reviewing past trading activities offers an excellent opportunity for traders to up their game and become trading professionals. On top of these the firm had also expanded within the last decade to include assets such as Commodities, Binary Options, and Indices. One of the most interesting features that LimeFX offers is its support of Binary options. Additionally, you can use the leverage if you want to earn more money.

Account Type

LimeFX developed it for mobile devices and desktops, allowing LimeFX traders to trade whenever and wherever. The web interface gives traders greater freedom as it provides convenient buy and sells functions through any device. Orders are easily lodged through the platform in little time, making for faster, smoother transactions.

Is LimeFX a fraud?

LimeFx provides access to both MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platforms. These platforms are renowned for their user-friendly interfaces, advanced trading tools, and support for automated trading through Expert Advisors (EAs). Immerse yourself in the realm of unadulterated straight through processing and elevate your trading journey. Good thing is that there are plenty of assets available at LimeFx, so I am sure you will find some for comfortable trading. earns money from affiliation deals with our partners.

It has a lot of positive sides, and one of them is an investor simulator. This is a really good opportunity for beginners, so they don’t give up at the start of trading. Also, this company provides a lot of different financial services such as currency, stocks, cryptocurrency, oil and others. However, the managers are really annoying. The broker is interested in my money because it takes a specific percent from the money I invest.

Secondly, traders can work with a professional analyst to reduce instances of unpredictable results. At the same time, traders are made to understand their liability or responsibility for the results of their trades. LimeFX is no party to these results; analysts can only give advice. Traders are guaranteed of being able to buy financial assets at desirable prices.

The service provider is BeeksFX, but LimeFx clients must have a minimum account balance of $2,500 and a monthly trading volume of 30 standard lots. One of the most ignored trading costs is swap rates on leveraged overnight positions. Depending on the trading strategy, it may become the most significant fee per trade. Traders need to go to the site, register, and make a deposit. An efficient internet connection is an excellent consideration as every delay costs traders money.

The trader is only provided with a professional analyst. As shown above, neutral reviews often describe the same points that the positive ones have pointed out. And while people do have varying opinions, it is quite evident here that LimeFX  is a reliable brokerage firm, according to the reviewers. Moreover, some traders earn significantly through such differences.

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